Let the light in

Let the light in


Lighting and Furniture Atelier Aqua Creations has collaborated with acclaimed Turkish architecture practice Tabanlioglu Architects on a bespoke installation, Thru, commissioned by lighting specialist Tepta.

The commission is a part of “Day, Light, Night,” a light exhibition under the curatorial direction of leading lighting designer Ulrike Brandi. Organised by Tepta to marks its 25th anniversary, the exhibition at the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art opened on October 18th.

Internationally renowned for projects including the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art and Atatürk Cultural Center, Tabanlioglu Architects designed the installation. This comprises of a series of rectangular light panels hanging from the ceiling, covered by Aqua Creations’ pleated silk in “Coal” colour. In the centre of the installation, Aqua Creations’ founder and creative director Albi Serfaty designed a specially commissioned, square-shaped pendant Video Art Lamp (VAL).

The VAL features an exclusive video by Albi Serfaty titled “The Sun and The Moon”. He presents the viewers with footage from NASA’s solar dynamics observatory- colourful scenes of energy explosions from the sun, and close ups of the moon fill the square shaped screen. Utilising a patented addressable RGB LED technology to create the movie, Serfaty juxtaposes the concept of modern man made light with the origin of all light, the sun; therefore playing with the idea of natural versus artificial light.

Certain panels and the floor of the installation are made of reflective material, amplifying the overall lighting experience as the VAL mimics the role of the sun, and acts as the main source of powerful illumination. Visitors walking through and around the installation are drawn towards a playful interaction of light, silk and mirrors where the viewer is compelled to experience light from different perspectives in a captivating unison of dimmable images, translucency and reflective effects.

“As someone who deals with light constantly and almost obsessively, I am always looking for a new source of light to work and play with and this time, I wanted to explore the opportunity of using up to date RGB LED technology as a source of light carrying a humanistic message.”Albi Serfaty, Founder and Creative Director of Aqua Creations. 

Through this project, we at TEPTA aimed to underline the collaboration between the design-oriented brands that we represent and the architects that we often work with. Collaboration is of utmost importance in creative projects. The artworks will help the visitors to experience natural light from different perspectives in an artificial space.” Özlem Yalim, Exhibition Coordinator, Head of Brand Strategy at TEPTA.

“We are always open to international alliances with the competent and leading figures of various disciplines. Under the curatorial direction of Ulrike and with TEPTA’s organisation, we are happy to be a part of another creative team and product, in collaboration with Aqua Creations. The installation, Thru, benefits from the lightness of silk and the reproduction capacity of mirror; together they establish a labyrinth, guiding towards the source of illumination. A simple and serene way to complement light.”  Melkan Gürsel, of Tabanlioglu Architects.

http://aquagallery.com | http://www.tabanlioglu.com | www.tepta.com | Image: image courtesy of Albi Serfaty

Jade Tilley
Jade Tilley

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