Urban design in New York City

Urban design in New York City

For the first time this year Vestre, a Norwegian leader in the production of street furniture, was among the protagonists of the Milan Design Week with “Nordic Life in Urban Spaces”, an installation, which demonstrated colourful and functional pieces of furniture designed to transform the urban public areas of modern cities with vitality and a strong design footprint.

Just during this successful exhibition, Vestre won tender to provide chairs, benches and tables in Times Square, during the Design fair taking place 3rd – 24th May 2017. This is part of a big project signed by top international architecture studio Snøhetta, which Vestre has been collaborating for a long time.

The project saw the United States’ most visited destination transform from a congested and noisy vehicular area into a world-class public plaza with the addition of over 25,000 square meters of pedestrian-exclusive space.


Vestre has improved this iconic public space with their furniture, which represents a move towards quality and sustainability with extensive lifetime guarantees. The mixture of playful furniture such as Stripes and Stoop with the lighter benches and chairs of the April Go collection are a perfect combination of democratic design for the authentic melting pot that New York City is. The project will include approximately 50 April Go aluminium chairs, benches and tables, 4 Stripes benches and 2 Stoop benches.



o   Photography: Michael Grimm

o   Rendering: Vestre

o   Architecture and Landscape design: Snøhetta

Jade Tilley
Jade Tilley

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