Perfect match veneers from MATCH Vicaima

Perfect match veneers from MATCH Vicaima

MATCH Vicaima is a revolutionary decorative panel that uses innovative technology and advanced production processes to create tailor-made graphic solutions directly onto veneered and other base layers.

MATCH by Vicaima

MATCH is a revolutionary decorative panel from Vicaima

Vicaima MATCH is available in a selection of panel types with differing physical and mechanical properties, appropriate to their desired performance and covered by EN standards. These include plywood, MDF with improved resistance to fire or moisture, among others. Choice of surface finish is also flexible, with everything from dull matt to mirror like gloss.

The combination between the composition of the product and the advanced manufacturing technology used with the surface materials, allows Vicaima to achieve unparalleled results. This is particularly illustrated in the use of surfaces utilising natural veneers.

With outstanding performance, product flexibility and the ability to create a truly unique space, MATCH introduces a new real freedom for interior design. It offers complete inspiration for a wide range of markets including residential, hotels, retail, corporate environments, schools, medical and public places.

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Jade Tilley
Jade Tilley

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