Vistagreen creates nature mimic

Vistagreen creates nature mimic

A Vistagreen artificial green wall solution was recently used in a light well space, which incorporates a metal ladder and exposed pipework.


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The architects and clients wanted to make the pipework a feature of this space and because the fire escape ladder had been installed, it wasn’t possible to frame out the wall to hide the pipes etc. It was down to Vistagreen to create an urban jungle, carefully cutting the panels around the pipes and ladder.

Vistagreen also customised with odd foliage from the colour box accessories. The company placed groups of plants in random positions to mimic real growing habits of the plants, such as the ferns that would naturally grow out of little spaces on a damp mountainous environment.

The Vistagreen approved installers are trained to understand how real plants grow. The variety of foliage Vistagreen use perfectly re-creates a natural look with the added bonus of knowing the product is manufactured to ISO 9001 standards and fully tested to ISO standards for UV weathering.

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Jade Tilley
Jade Tilley

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