Form and functionality combine with Vasco

Form and functionality combine with Vasco

As one of the undisputed market leaders in its field, Vasco recognises the continuing trend for vertical designer radiators.


Vasco recognises the continuing trend for vertical designer radiators

Vasco has a stunning range on offer for a multitude of environments. Vertical radiators have the practical benefit of saving space, leaving wall space free for large pieces of furniture. Another major aesthetic advantage is creating the illusion of space, a higher ceiling and an overall less cluttered look in residential, commercial and hospitality environments where space is a premium.

A vertical radiator installation can become a design feature in its own right, a perfect example being Vasco’s iconic Carré radiator. Carré presents the ideal way to disguise supporting columns in larger offices or unsightly drainage pipes. This highly praised designer radiator, with its sharp corners, creates a more austere design, whilst maintaining optimum thermal efficiency and a minimum clearance.

ONI is the latest addition to the Vasco range, its thinnest radiator ever. Ultra-fine, only 8mm deep, this reinforced aluminium radiator with its progressive design, is lightweight and energy efficient. ONI is available as a plain radiator or with two cut outs, which makes it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Vasco creates stylish energy efficient radiators in both steel and aluminium and, because of its extensive range of colours (over 45 in both matt and gloss finishes) the radiators can blend into the general décor of a room or act as a statement piece.

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Jade Tilley
Jade Tilley

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