Diffusing the situation with Gilberts

Diffusing the situation with Gilberts

Gilberts ’ swirl diffusers offer a patented solution to delivering the fine detail in the trend towards exposed ceilings in commercial environments.


The company’s range of GSF fixed and GSJ adjustable diffusers have been purpose-designed to bring a modern yet discreet element to exposed ceiling building systems.

The diffusers feature a copyrighted circular pattern of radial vanes to optimise omni-directional discharge airflow. The design also compliments the ductwork aesthetics, further enhanced when the round housing frame is chosen. The vane configuration in Gilberts’ diffusers enables delivery of high air change rates compared to conventional diffusers, with rapid entrainment and intermixing.

The GSF distributes the fresh air horizontally across the ceiling; the GSJ features interlinked blades that can be altered, manually or automatically, to provide either horizontal or vertical projection. The addition of coanda plates to either version can further help create an internal environment with the appropriate levels of thermal comfort, and air quality.

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Jade Tilley
Jade Tilley

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