Tabanlioğlu Architects honoured with The Plan Award

Tabanlioğlu Architects honoured with The Plan Award

With it’s hotel & resort project ‘Bodrum Loft’, located in the province of Muğla in the hills of the Turkish coast, Tabanlioğlu Architects was able to create a perfect interaction of nature and modern architecture, for which it has won The Plan Award.

Tabanlioğlu Architects

hotel & resort project ‘Bodrum Loft’, designed by Tabanlioğlu Architects

The layouts show hotels, private villas and social spaces on a usable area of 20.000 m².

An architectural language was formed that connects precisely with the unique, local topography without bothering the essential characteristics of it.

A mixture of open, semi-open and closed spaces of 38 residences with two, three or four bedrooms, is the core of the design, that makes one feel as a part of nature.

The green roofs are designed to be an elongation of the natural topography benefitting the existing hills and terraces of the area.

The mixture of people and nature continues on the material level: stones, excavated on the site, will be re-purposed in façades, walkways, retaining walls and structural elements. The rainwater is collected and utilised in the landscaping.

Jade Tilley
Jade Tilley

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